Over the last decade, social media marketing has become an indispensable tool in the arsenal of brands and businesses of all kinds, with opportunities to build relationships, engage with customers, and increase sales like never before and the stats back it up.

A 2016 survey by PewInternet Revealed that 79% of internet users ( including 68% of all U.S adults) use Facebook, with three-quarters of these visiting the site daily. In addition, research from social media analysts digital predicts that the growth of social commerce could make it a business worth $34 billion before the end of 2018. And in a social media examiner pool conducted in 2017, 92% of respondents said that social media marketing is now important to their business. If you’re not using social media at all, or your current strategy isn’t working for you as well as you hoped, now is the time to make a change.

Success in social media marketing results from building strong and long-lasting relationships with customers and professional contacts and sharing the type of content and expertise that they will want to share with their friends, family, and colleagues. This approach will help to attract and keep loyal customers and connections and encourage brand ambassadors to sell your business for you – a complete reversal of the traditional marketing model! While this approach is a world away from the way traditional marketing works, this opens, two-way communication is now what billions of consumers around the world expect from the businesses and brands in which they invest time and money. Direct selling does have a place, but as you’ll learn, it isn’t the front and center where social media marketing is concerned.

Key Consideration For All Social Media Marketing

Peer, pressure, success stories in the media and general hype tell today’s business owners that having a presence on social media is essential. That’s not to say a business couldn’t do well without utilizing social networking, but they’d certainly be missing out on a myriad of opportunities to build and grow. However, one of the biggest mistakes that a brand can make is to leap into social media marketing with no real clue of what they are going to do with it only the vague hope that if they just simply start being active on a few social sites, it will somehow make them their fortune. While there is a possibility that you will get lucky, in most cases this kind of unplanned approach will lead to unrealistic goal-setting, poor results, a huge waste of time, and ultimately a defeatist attitude that discourages you from the idea of social media marketing completely. To ensure that this doesn’t happen to you and to give you the best chance of success. I urge you to keep in mind this key consideration for social media understanding of what kind of approach works for your business on social media and how to pursue your efforts in a well- planned, logical direction.

Decide which social media networks will work best for you

Unless you’re a big company with the resources to plow full speed ahead into every potentially viable social platform, chances are you’re better to focus on one or two “core” social networks first. It’s better to excel on a couple of social networks than be mediocre on five or six. And while social media marketing I mostly free, your time is valuable. Indeed, depending on the type of business you run, not every social media site is going to suit your marketing, your audience, or what you are trying to achieve. To help you decide where to begin, Identify those social networks where your target audience already hangs out, or use customer personas and research of social network demographics to judge where you will best be received.

Joining Facebook and Twitter is often the go-to choice for brands simply due to their sheer size and influence, but more niche” communities with their own unique attributes still with hundreds of millions of users, mind you like Pinterest, Instagram, or LinkedIn, might be where you find you can make an impact more successfully.

Define and assess your goals

Before you start posting content to social media, it is useful to define the guiding themes and overall goals of your strategy, as these will help you shape the way you approach what may well become the linchpin in your marketing machine. Bluehubs is a fan of the SMART technique for creating actionable social media goals.

Perform an audit to help shape your content strategy

Take time to identify your audiences needs, desires, and interests on social media, ask yourself what problems you can help them overcome, what questions you can answer, what type of content they prefer, and when are they most likely around to see it. Identify gaps and opportunities where you can do better!

Plan ahead with a social media content calendar

One of the stiffest tests facing brands on social media is to consistently publish high-quality content for their fans. A company’s social media presence that appears abandoned is the digital equivalent of turning your lights off. because you’re not updating online, people will assume that you’re going out of business, even if the opposite is true. consistency here can really help yo boost levels of engagement by enabling fans to anticipate your next post. It will also foster a stronger relationship with your audience. one of the best ways to help get it right is by compiling a social media content calendar. An editorial calendar will allow you to plan your activity for weeks or even months in advance this will help you stay ahead with your social media game!

Repurpose content across social media

It is worth emphasizing that something that might be distributed as one piece of content in the real world, can be marketed as four or five content pieces for social media: blog about, tweet, make a video, share on facebook, turn it into an infographic for Pinterest, etc. This is a fantastic strategy for making the most of your content creation. Particularly if you are straped for time or low on resources.

Drop old-style communication methods and get social – find and define your social voice

Successful social media strategy require just that – a social strategy. Traditional marketing techniques like TV and newspaper advertising worked because the direction of communication could only go in one way (from brand to consumer) with little chance for reply, but social media means that this is no longer the case. Now that a two-way dialogue is firmly established and your brand is under the spotlight 24/7, you must resist the urge to talk at people, adapt your tone of voice and communication methods to connect with them on a human level. Speaking to them in a personable manner and listening with intent, rather than just hearing and doing nothing about it. This lesson applies the same whether you are a small business employing a handful of people, a multinational company with thousands of staff, the owner of a fun business like a karaoke bar, or something serious like a finance company. With that said a good place to start is to define and use a tone of voice that matches your brand’s beliefs. By maintaining your fundamental beliefs across all web content, advertising, and social media posts, you create parallel experiences, and these recognizable actions create expectations for customers and help drive them through your marketing funnel. Brands that define their social voice and strive to maintain it in all of their social interactions can cut through the noise and deliver a clear message that, ultimately, will deliver improved results.

Humanize your brand and be emotive; tell stories

People use social media to connect with other people, so lower your barriers and show fans the real you and the people behind your business logo; be transparent, open, and authentic in all of your communication authenticity often means being a little bit more open about what your business might traditionally share with customers.

Keep Language simple

Simple, no jargon and keep it simple no one likes to figure out what you mean.. say it like you mean it keep it as simple as possible!

Don’t over-promote: build relationships and provide value

The vast majority of social media users do not visit facebook, twitter, Pinterest, etc. to be given the hard sell by companies; they use them to interact with family and friends and to be entertained. If they do ‘like’ or ‘follow’ brands on social media they often do so on a whim.  It’s your job to convince people to enjoy having your business as something that is a big part of their everyday lives and continue to earn your place – don’t see it as a right see it as a privilege. you do this by Building trust and loyal relationships, by being friendly, sharing great content, helping people with customer service issues.

With social media content in mind change your mindset from what can we sell you to what can we do to help you because in terms of choosing to follow a brand on social media your fans will certainly be asking the question “what’s in it for me” or “why should I care”

Post consistently, with high-quality content and stuff that resonates

First and foremost, don’t launch a presence on a social media channel, post for a few weeks, and then let its activity dry up! for most social networks, once two or three updates per day is a good target. At a minimum, you should post at least a couple of times a week so that your content continues to appear in the news feed of most engaged fans. keep it consistent! Focus on posting high-quality content something that resonates with your audience or customer. If your targeting yoga people don’t go posting hardcore gym lifters! it will not resonate with yogis!

Which type of posts gets the most engagement?

One of the great debates among social media marketers is whether text, image, video, links. or other post types are the most effective in reach fans and encouraging them to interact. The truth is that there are more visual learners out there than any other type of learns. if you were to choose a format, choose video! but yet its whatever works for you! if your good at writing focus on blogs, if your good at speaking do some podcast, or if you don’t shy the camera focus on educating and creating great video content!

Don’t get hung up on reach; focus on creating loyal, passionate fans and meaningful relationships

Time and after time we see this mistake happen over and over. Don’t focus on the number of followers! Think less about chasing likes, followers numbers and post reach. Instead concentrate more on producing great content that will grow a loyal following of people who love what you do. Showing it via likes, comments, sharing your content, and eventually through sales, therein encouraging more people to invest in your cause. This applies to all social media.

Provide great customer service; handle complaints well

Unlike in the past, social media gives your company instant and effective exposure to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don’t be afraid to answer a question through twitter or DM on Instagram or Facebook. Your customers or potential customers will apprentice that A LOT! trust us, no one likes to wait 24 hours to get and simple yes or no answer! save time and use social media to provide great customer service.

Invest time to see results

Expect social media task and work to take up at least 12-15 hours a week to plan, create, and schedule content, measure results, and engage with customers. consider employing somebody as your social media manager full time. Alternatively, outsource your activity to a local specialist marketing firm, Experts who can help you hit the ground running, If you do, ensure that they understand your brand, marketing goals and speak your customer’s language.

Draw up a social media policy; make employee ambassadors

Employees need to feel confident about social sharing guidelines to be a good brand ambassador, so make writing company related statuses easy. For example, invent a hashtag related to life at your business, and encourage them to take pictures and share updates using it. The person in charge of social media content. of course, should know the policy inside out.

Social media marketing isn’t free; experiment with paid ads

With competition greater than ever, algorithms that prioritize paid content over organic posts, and a more astute audience, paid promotion is all but essential. That’s not to say you can’t still achieve excellent results without spending a penny, but it will be much more difficult, and even a nominal figure spent well such as $5 per day on highly targeted Facebook ads can noticeably compound a brand’s success. The key to a lot of successful social media advertising is promotions that blend into a user’s experience of the site or app on which mirroring the tone and publishing style of the audience – as with non-paid content, think seamless instead of disruptive.

Reconsider return on investment metrics

Social media return on investment is not like traditional marketing. For a variety of reasons. You may not always want to focus solely on monetary return within a fixed period. consider metrics such as brand awareness, word of mouth promotion, traffic driven to your website via social media and strengthening loyalty and engagement with existing customers. These can all be just as valuable in the long run – leading to plenty of sales over a longer period of time, rather than a short-term gain that dies off quickly.

Measuring performance with google analytics and other tools

Understanding the performance of your social media marketing is key to being able to succeed in the long run. One of the most cost-effective ways to monitor social media conversion is through google analytics. Two of the most valuable reports for social media marketers feature under the social referrals to your website from social networks; landing pages – will show you which of your website pages are shared most often on social media. You can also use Google Analytics to set up and monitor goals to setup is URL destination – google analytics will mark a goal as met when a visitor lands on a particular page on your website ( thank you page).

Useful Tools for measuring the performance of your social strategy:


Social Mention

Slow and steady wins the race; be patient and ignore scams

It takes time. building a loyal following growing up to 100,000 followers it doesn’t happen overnight. Ignore the get followers fast scams. It might be tempting to use services offered all over the web to rack up fans and followers quickly, but you’ll only end up with hundreds of random strangers – or bot accounts who don’t care about you or your business. 50 interested, engaged, and loyal followers are insurmountably better than 5,000 who are not. the only real secret to growing an audience on social media is to be consistent and patient in your efforts.

Don’t forget to Enjoy the ride; build strong, meaningful relationships

The stronger someone acquaints with your brand on social media, the more likely they’ll remember you and pass the positive word on to their friends and family. Be consistent, present, real and genuine in all of your communication if you want to foster genuine interaction with customers on a slow and steady path creating loyalty, sales and brand advocates for life.

Final Words

We hope that this article has opened your mind or get you closer to wanting to market on social media, whether you’re a complete social media novice or a savvy individual looking for some extra expert tips to drive your business onto bigger and better things Bluehubs offers a 1 on 1 consultation to answer any questions you might have. Just Schedule your call on the link below! and lets market your business or idea on social media!