For marketers, using Facebook’s paid tools to expand your reach is a no-brainer. Facebook ads have plenty of great features that enable you to effectively target your posts to a specific audience. This makes it easier to deliver content to the people that actually want to see it. Plus, Facebook’s social endorsement and retargeting features help you build credibility and relevance when users see and interact with your ads.  In return, your audience has the power to actually engage with your ads, keeping you accountable for the quality of your content and the people you are targeting. But getting your content to the right people isn’t just about creating great content for your target audience. You also need to understand your competitive market to effectively tailor your ad strategy.

Let’s take a look at the latest trends in Facebook advertising!

#1 post engagement ads are becoming more valuable for marketers

Advertisers that are using post engagement ads have seen a 142% increase in CTR between 2015 to 2016. At the same time, CPC has decreased by 83% and only 19% of all ads are posted engagement ads. This means the competition for post engagement ads isn’t very high, making post engagement ads more valuable

What are post engagement ads?

Post engagement ads are all about getting your audience to share and comment on your posts. Given that these ads are becoming more valuable to marketers, now is a great time to start making use of post engagement ads. Figure out what your most remarkable content is, and use it to your advantage to expand your reach. Don’t just spray and pray with your posts. Focus on writing attention-grabbing headlines, and write posts for your target audience so that your ads are directed towards their needs v

#2 Video ads are increasing in popularity. As they continue to increase in popularity, CPC will increase

Advertisers have increased the amount of their budget spent on video ads from 2015 to 2016 by 150%. As more advertisers use video ads, and their popularity increases, the CTR advertisers see is decreasing. So far, the CPC has not yet increased, which often happens as competition increases.

CPC on Page Like campaigns have decreased 33% and the amount advertisers are budgeting for Page Like campaigns have decreased by 70%.

As more Page Like ads has saturated people’s News Feeds, CTR on these ads have decreased. Just because CPC is going down, doesn’t mean marketers should use more of these ads. Instead, use Page Like ads to retarget users who have previously engaged with your content.

Quick Facebook Advertisement Facts

  • In February 2016, website conversion ads made up 39% of all ads on Facebook, and 39% of total spend.
  • Budget allocation for website conversion ads Increased by 50% in one year.
  • Budget allocation for post engagement ads decreased by 60%
  • Post engagement ads are currently the least expensive ads
  • Budget allocation for the page like ads decreased by 70%
  • Budget allocation for video ads increased by 150%
  • Mobile Apps installs and website conversions ads are significantly more expensive than other ad types.
  • Except for mobile app installs and post engagement ads, most CPC rates have remained steady over the last year
  • Only 3% of the budget is spent on Page Likes ads
  • less than 1% of advertisers budget is spent on lead generation ads.
  • 12% of the budget is spent on video view ads, up from 8% the previous year.
  • Advertisers are spending most of their budget on website conversions