Businesses should invest in influencer marketing. In this day and age, digital influencers are the mavericks that everyday people utilize to guide their lifestyles and purchases.

Instagram model, bloggers, and Youtubers have become the new celebrity influence among millions of internet users. People feel more comfortable using certain brands as influencers solidify product sales with verified products with reviews and worthiness of purchases. Brands who use influencer marketing have earned countless benefits of Influencer Marketing — an enormous boost of about 650% per dollar invested into this tactic for their business.

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Why Influencer Marketing is Worth the Investment

Like in every business, trust between the brands and consumers will gear the business towards their profitability. Brands like Amazon have a very good trust-based relationship with their consumers. They optimize a meticulous policy and customer service to ensure safety for consumer spending and strive on building trust with their shoppers.

Amazon Influencer Program —  began allowing many influencers of all platforms to join their team and receive special vanity URLs. (Allows businesses to keep track of how much of their influences helps them)

They launched this program with skepticism in March 2017 when their stock value was at $852.05, since then their value has risen to $1,637.03 June 01, 2018 — nearly doubling their business’ value ().

Benefits Reaped through Influencer Marketing

Influencers have all sorts of benefits that many ventures can gain by investing in these social bellwethers. They have likable personalities that many followers respond to — (ie. bubbly, yet informative — more realistic than commercial personnel).

Always posting about their everyday activities or promoting products, influencers are able to keep their popularity among their followers. Businesses can utilize these followings to gain more consumers easily. This cuts the PR teams’ workload and allows them to manage influencer’s posts to advertise the brand’s products effortlessly.

With the influencer’s time and efforts to interact with their audience as often as they can (almost every day).

They have already built up a trust in their opinions on various topics (self-care to lifestyles improvements). The businesses that back these trendsetters are given the obvious advantage to earn credibility.

Examples of How Influencer Marketing Can Look Risky

As many of the large-scaled companies are using this marketing method, it may look as if they have already found ways to monopolize these tactics. An issue that should be looked over as influencers are always ready to take on new projects/partnerships to show their followers new content/discoveries that no other may have promoted. Influencers are always looking for the ‘next thing’ to stun their followers with as they promote products and their image.

Why Invest in Influencer Marketing  

  • Wide Audience — expansion on consumers
  • Highly interactive influencers — Engaged/Consistent followers
  • Already built credibility with followers
  • Authentic Content that people respond to

Influencer Marketing is the Absolute Business Opportunity

In this era, where networking and interfacing make up the marketing scene — benefits of Influencer Marketing outshine other methods. (Paramount to finance working projects like this) This is not just a working method, but a favorable/profitable opportunity to surpass profit goals. It would almost be foolish to not try out Influencer Marketing! The benefits clearly have been verified to outweigh the harms.