There will always be new marketing trends that retain a lot of attention. That doesn’t mean your business must follow those trends. It is important for you to analyze the needs of your business. Then determine whether your business will benefit significantly or enough to launch a campaign. In marketing, it is always important to work efficient and effective. You must work to see what shoe fits best for your business. There is no need to launch a full campaign, only to find out it isn’t right for your brand. Fully research on what influencer marketing is. Do not waste your time or resources just because it is a trend. Find what will be the key to your brand’s success.

Avoid errors in your influencer marketing campaign. Here are some facts you must know about influencer marketing. Learn all the factors that do NOT work in influencer marketing. See if influencer marketing campaign is the key to your brand’s success.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

You cannot generalize your influencer research to anyone with a huge following. This is not a popularity contest. Your brand needs an influencer who fits your criteria. You must ensure that their audience is the right target for your brand. There is a lot of research that falls into influencer marketing. First, you must research other brands and their successes. You then track influencers to see who fits best with your brand. Create a collaboration campaign that fulfills goals for your brand and influencer. There will be a lot of technicalities to run through. Maximize your outputs with the influencers to get the highest return. Even with all this work, there is no real guarantee that your influencer will create content your brand exactly needs. As all marketing campaigns go, this will also be a gamble unless you put in the necessary work and create the right structure.

A considerable amount of work

Marketers must realize the amount of work, time, effort, resources, and people that must be involved in influencer campaigns to reach success. Most often all these factors are looked over.

Influencer marketing campaign factors pertain to the following:

  1. Researching influencers
  2. Finding/contacting the perfect influencers
  3. Brand and influencer objectives
  4. Campaign structure and scheduling
  5. Content creation guidelines
  6. Ability to keep track of ROIs and KPI

It’s a Marathon

Don’t just run after just the numbers and/or immediate results. Influencers campaigns are not about immediate payouts. They take time to build and create any type of result. The purpose of influencer marketing is to establish your brand’s credibility and product confidence. Changes won’t occur in just a day. You need to let time pass and let progressive development occur. Patience is key.

They still necessitate guidance

Although influencers may run free with their creativity. They still need guidelines to follow your brand’s objective. They are constantly promoting their brand every day. Without guidelines, the line between self-promotion and brand message will be blurred. You will need someone to check on each post. Communicating with your influencers will take time as they also need time to reply as will you. Have that person make sure the guidelines are being followed to the brand’s liking. Constant guidance and check-ups will take much time and effort. This is all necessary to run a campaign. Do not hasten the process as it may hinder the progress.

Don’t Limit Influencer Creativity

Marketers too often make the mistake of attempting to input their own ideas into influencer contents. This is the blurs the line between overstepping into influencer work and giving guidance. Marketers want their agenda to be set straight in the way that it will fit the brand. The result of this interference will destroy authenticity and disable audience connection. It cannot be forgotten that the audience responds to the influencer’s creative energy, not initially from the brand’s image. The influencer is who creates a positive image for your brand before your brand begins to make direct contact with consumers. It is difficult/hectic to distinguish where the line lies between your brand and the influencer. Finding and understanding the line will take time and effort from both parts.

Don’t Chase Numbers

The amount of followers an influencer has is not the most important factor in these campaigns. Always look for precise similarities in values when finding your influencers. Once they are found, once again DO NOT chase the numbers. They will not always have the best interaction right away with one post. There will have to be multiple subtle and open collaborations before there is a significant development in the campaign. Influencer marketing is not about quick payouts. I cannot emphasize this fact enough.


Influencer marketing may be the most popular current trend. That really doesn’t mean that it is for every brand. You have to consider all the risk and investments that go into it. This campaign is about building credibility, gaining further reach, and being able to resonate. All factors that take up significant amounts of resources, effort, and time. I must stress that joining forces isn’t always easy. You must understand all the factors and make a decision for whether this is worth your brand’s investment. Time is also money. Do not waste the limited resources your brand has. Do all the research that is necessary for building your brand. See what fits best. Then pursue whatever campaign you desire.