Influencer marketing, in a sense, is renovating the idea of celebrity endorsements to fit modern day standards. A mixture of new and old marketing tools to create a collaboration between influencers and brands for an innovative marketing campaign. In this case, influencers have come to replace celebrity endorsements as they create closer bonds with potential consumers than celebrities.

As influencers have the ability to build closer relationships with their following, this gives them the ability to have content they produce to actually resonate with consumers. Celebrity endorsements are not as popular as influencer endorsements because people know the celebrities are paid to promote a product they may or may not have ever used. On the other hand, influencers often have lengthy reviews of the products they endorse after they have actually used them. This characteristic automatically gives them the credibility that consumers need to purchase products. Most people do not have the luxury nor do they believe in buying products that have never tried. In short, people do not like uncertainty. The certainty people gain through influencers on products and lifestyle confirms what tactics do and do not work. Influencers unlike celebrities also have the ability to leisurely travel and do more things that regular people do, which makes them more relatable and tangible. Influencers’ content often shows their daily life and/or gives advice with their expertise.

Better Than Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrity endorsements are solely based on representing the brand with good exposure and having famous people endorse your product for a good sum of money. Celebrities are paid to promote your brand and say good things; a concept most customers understand. Celebrity endorsements are used to only entice consumers. Influencers do more than just entice audiences. They take time to build their own brand creating trusting bonds with their growing audience. This allows the influencer content to resonate better with their followers.

Nothing Beats Real Experiences

Influencer marketing reaches higher success than celebrity endorsements mostly because they produce more authentic content than celebrities do. Influencers talk about their real experiences with brands while celebrities commercialize and use advertising tricks to convince consumers to use the brand they are promoting. Influencer marketing is an innovative method which evolved from old celebrity endorsement methods and was made to be more trustable.

Efficient Communication

Engagements through social media allow marketing campaigns to have a simpler way to communicate with potential consumers and grow their awareness. Social media essentially keep influencers, brands, and followers more social. Being social allows people to learn more about brands and consumer interests; all factors that assist marketing campaigns. Influencer marketing is much more effective than celebrity campaigns because the three main contributors have easy access to communicating through social media.

Cost/Risk Efficiency

The downside of celebrity endorsements is the fact that they are a costly and high risk. Celebrity endorsements come at a monstrous cost. The high-risk demands that come with celebrities are that the campaign that the company paid so much for can quickly go south. Just like the Pepsi campaign that feature Kendall Jenner. The high risk and cost is not the most efficient way to handle marketing campaigns, which is why influencer marketing is the best solution. Influencers aren’t as costly as celebrities and their messages actually resonate with their following, which makes them low risk and cost. This makes influencers the prime solution to the inefficient resolution of celebrity endorsements.

Similarities/Differences of Influencer Marketing and Celebrity Endorsements

Both types of influencers have the ability to impact large groups of people. It just happens that as individuals, celebrities are more mainstream than the other. However, influencers have the advantage of making a bigger impact on the decision making the process of people than celebrities who densely promote brands. Influencers also have greater flexibility than celebrities as their work is freelanced. A huge characteristic that is often missing with celebrity endorsements.

To Use Influencers or Not To Use Influencers

It all boils down to the budget and objective of what your brand needs. Can your company afford the high risk and cost of celebrities? If the endorsement succeeds, then the company will see grand results that alter the brand’s future for the better. Are you trying to be efficient with your assets and risk? Use influencer marketing. With this approach, your brand will be able to reach tens and thousands of people across all platforms at a probable low rate. The overall truth is that the two methods are quickly combining today to produce similar results, so pick whichever campaign you would rather put your money on.