Welcome to BlueHubs SEO 101.

Here we literally break down step by step in order to how to increase your SEO traffic in just 30 days!  We do not get into details what to do in each, but this can help you as a table of content to what you need to do to improve your SEO traffic. From day 1-30 these titles are easy to youtube or google terms so you can gain information how to do it in just a couple of minutes. We will be talking more and linking these topics to blogs as we continue to educate small business owners how to be successful in the online world!

  1. Optimize Your Title & Description
  2. Use ALT Attributes to Optimize Images
  3. Identify & Rectify Broken Links
  4. Review Your Redirects
  5. Standardize Your URL Structures
  6. Shorten Your URLS
  7. Link Your Pages Internally
  8. Use Anchor Texts to Increase Relevance
  9. Keep Click Paths Short
  10. Improve Your Site’s Accessibility
  11. Tell Search Engines What to Crawl
  12. Do Your Keyword Research
  13. Ensure Neat Website Navigation
  14. Improve Your Site’s Loading Speed
  15. Optimize Your Website for Mobile
  16. Identify Duplicate Content
  17. Eliminate Duplicate Content
  18. Use TF*IDF to Analyze Content
  19. Create Unique Headlines
  20. Curate Your Content
  21. Recycle Your Content
  22. Keep Your Content Code Ratio High
  23. Diversify New Content
  24. Internationalize Your Website
  25. Optimize Your Website for Local Search
  26. Leverage Social Networks
  27. Force User Interaction
  28. Sign Up for Google Search Console
  29. Sign Up for Google Analytics
  30. Monitor Your Progress