There are all sorts of influencer types operating on different scales ranging from micro to macro. When searching for the right influencers for your brand, you have to consider all the stakes and factors that come with it. Today, we’ll be venturing through how your brand should share commonalities and have requirements set for your brand ambassador. Keep your focus on 3 main factors to find the right influencer: 1. Shared Objective 2. Audience Size 3. Engagement Rate

Find the Right Brand Ambassador

Knowing what characteristics are necessary for your brand establishment can lead you to quickly eliminate unnecessary candidates. You must know exactly what your objective is. It is also important to know what direction you would like to take your campaign. This way your chosen influencers will use your reference as a guideline. In short, creating the exact influence your brand wants.

The 3 Factors to heavily consider:

  1. Shared Values & Interests: Compare to your buyer’s persona
  2. Size of Audience: the number of followers represents the potential audience that might receive your message
  3. Engagement with their Audience: the engagement rate shows how many people interact with the content posted by the influencer.

#1 Shared Values & Interests

The harmony of having similar values, interests, and passions will help you create the most authentic content for the viewers. Positive feedbacks from consumers originate from the genuine bond that a brand and the ambassadors have. Look for influencers who have similar interests as your company. In doing so, your campaign will receive more positive feedback.

The demographic that cares about the same values as your brand should be linked to your influencers. Thus proving the compatibility of the brand, influencer, and audience.

So now that’s it, right?


You must double-check that your influencer’s audience has the right buyer person. Keep that in mind, then look over the demographic data to compare it with the characteristics necessary for your brand. These careful measures should help you reach campaign success.

#2 Size of Audience

The larger the audience, the more people you reach. The basic logic blatantly connects audience size to the reach size. But, with influencer marketing, it’s a little more complicated than that. Of course, you can reach more people the bigger the following. However, what kind of interaction you would like to have with the audience is most important. There are 3 types of influencers: Micro, Middle-Tier, and Macro. All referring to the audience size of the influencers. Depending on the influencer-type, there are different forms of target marketing.

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#3 Engagement with their Audience

How often do the influencers interact with their followers? How often does the audience comment and stay updated? What kind of response does the influencer receive based on their posts?

All valid questions you should have during your search. The right influencer should post something daily or almost every day and receive good communal responses on his or her content. Their daily posts should stir more people to stay engaged with your future ambassador. You can always check engagement rates and/or contact information through sites that host a database filled with active influencers.

Receiving Influencer Data Hack

There are simpler ways for you to contact and retrieve influencer data. It isn’t always about having to personally research and reach out. Getting influencers to work with your brand shouldn’t be hard. Plenty of websites that can cut your team’s workload exists. Agencies that professionally gather descriptive data and list contact information on most of the influencers in the business.

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Be Mindful

The whole process of finding the right influencer is tedious work. That’s why it’s always best to research as much as you can before you invest. With the right steps, you too can easily find the right representation. Matching objectives will only help your brand be advertised the way you expect it to be represented.

Knowing what qualities and purpose you need from your influencer will establish the requirements for who will fit the job best. Use the 3 main factors as guidance for your search. This should lead you to explore your options skillfully and find the best match for the job. Best of luck!