Influencer marketing is all about utilizing the reach, resonance, and relevance/reaction that an influencer has to promote your brand/product/services. Their authentic/unique content resonates with followers and cultivates trusting relations with one another. Influencer marketing unifies social media contact, digital marketing, sales, PR, and overall marketing. This marketing strategy essentially offers the simplification of work.

But, why and how do influencers have the ability to sway consumer influence? The answer is simple. People have always had a bias for everything. Thus their consumption behavior is directly linked to bias. If consumers loyally follow a specific influencer, then their bias will derive from the influencer’s biases. It’s utterly apart of human nature and/or psychology.

Value of Influence

As we discussed the human nature of biases, we can directly relate it to the value of influence. Influence has always been a prominent factor in all marketing sectors. The popularity of influencer marketing also relates to discovering easy access to life hacks. Influencers post about what products/services they use to ease their daily activities. This shaves the research people would have to do to trust products and services. By utilizing influencer advice, people effortlessly find brands to rely on.

Never neglect the value of influence. Influences can create a huge difference within your brand. Make sure your brand generates positive connections with influencers. Allow their audience easy access to your products and services. Influencers will bring positive reinforcement towards your brand if you find the right influence.

Power of Influence

Influencers play a critical role in all sectors of marketing. They have the ability to gain credibility with consumers. Daily communication with their audience through reviews and real experiences generate loyal followings. Influencers can also break internet clutter. This will make it easier for your brand to stand out. Most of all, they will extend awareness for your brand. They guide their followers with real reviews and generate trust. Take advantage of this favorable support.

In addition, influencers are prominent among various platforms. Which means more access to diverse platform users. This initially gives them a further reach than being on just one platform. They may still have one platform like Instagram that they mainly use. But, they usually are on multiple platforms to give themselves more self-promotive options.

Consistent Loyal Following

How do influencers gain loyal followers? It’s pretty simple. Influencers are easily relatable as they are regular people like you and I. They aren’t celebrities who have access to unattainable products and services. They do not flaunt or endorse brands without testing them. And when they do test brands, they give solid authentic reviews. Which is why consumers are able to trust and follow influencers. The authenticity of each post is what truly resonates with the mass. People are loyal to people, products, and brands that do not give false advertisements. We are prone to stick to the goods and services that are truthful to us. Influencers do not fabricate truths to make commodities look better. They guide their audience through real experiences with brands.

Socially Adept

Influencers are social butterflies. The ultimate experts in social media communications. They are very skillful at what they do. Influencers are the experts at charming people to follow them. They enjoy uploading content that builds their image and trust amongst their current/future followers. Not only that, but they are also experts at enchanting their followers through enticing content. Of course, all their content is aesthetically pleasing as well. The more they resonate with their followers, the easier it is for them to declutter the internet. Through the break in clutter, influencers are able to make their content stand out and sway consumer decisions. With their experience through consistent postings, they can only become experts on how to captivate audiences.

The expert on Subtle Advertising

I cannot stress these words enough. Authenticity is key. Most of what influencers post is not staged. They may have endorsements from here and there. If so, they will label those posts as “endorsement by insert brand  ”. People appreciate their honesty with each post. Marketers benefit when influencers feature their products in their reviews. The audience is then introduced to products they have never heard of before. Or, they learn more about brands they have heard of but never had the interest to look into. Either way, this form of advertising has a benefit that other forms of marketing have yet to produce. There is a slight aura of deception in influencer marketing. Influencer transparency shows the process of product usage. But, marketers must remember that influencers are still being paid to create these posts. Most influencer posts are generally endorsed. The subtlety in their posts is what shows their expertise in this field. They generate content that is trustable, relatable, yet one-of-a-kind. Their creativity and expertise in social media/advertising are what puts them forward in the marketing business.

The Breakdown

Influencers are skilled at making their content attract people. Each post is made through their individuality, which is what makes them so unique. Before trusting brands, every influencer puts in their research. They also proceed to test brands to see verify whether their research is credible. They then take their time to post about what they liked and disliked and explain why. Their reviews on products and service construct trust. The trust derives from the expert opinions assembled through research and testing. Influencers are not celebrities. They do not flaunt their money nor do they endorse brands without testing them. Influencers are everyday people who gained a following through their genuine reviews. People respond to uniqueness, expertise, trustworthiness, and relatability. Which is why influencers attract their followers and guide them on what brands are worth trying out.