Before even starting your campaign, you must put in the heavy research. You must research what all the factors that could be advantageous or damaging towards your campaign. Understanding the time, resources, people, and workloads needed is crucial. After all this research, it is best to determine whether this marketing campaign style is fit for your brand. As one size does not fit all. Take notes and be persistent with your research. This will help you deal with your obstacles as your campaign progresses.

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#1 Determine your Goal/Audience

Questions you should be asking when starting an influencer marketing campaign:

  • What is the objective of your campaign?
  • What is your strategy?
  • Who would be most interested in your brand?

Understanding what your focus in the campaign will lead your brand to strategize and figure out who your target audience should be. What is your brand’s goal?

There are 3 objectives you can choose from when starting your campaign:

  • Increase sales
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase strong relations with potential/already existent consumers

Once you determine your goal in the campaign, it will be more clear to define your target audience. You then create a working strategy around these two points and prepare for the next process.

Strategies should contain:

  • The number of people necessary
  • The number of resources necessary
  • A set schedule for people to follow
  • Define how success will be determined
  • Set a way to monitor progress

Don’t forget, this entire process will take time and energy. Stay patient.

#2 Discover the Right Influencers  

Influence is all about being the right match with the brand they represent. Your influencer should have the attention of the target audience you desire. They also should have the ability to further your reach. During this process, you must find the influencer that stands for the same goals as your brand. If your influencer has similar objectives with your brand, then their content creation will have better resonance with the audience. Thus, grabbing the right attention for your campaign. You must be critical and certain of what your brand needs. And stick to it.

You must also determine what kind of influencers you need:

  • Micro influencers
  • Middle-tier influencers
  • Macro influencers

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#3 Monitor Influencers Content/Opportunities

With influencers, you have to trust their creative output and let them have control of their content creation. Constraining their process will only hinder the resonance the post will get. But, that doesn’t mean to not monitor their work. You must check that the post has your brand’s objective as the main focus. Their creative process should rotate around the objective. Their creativity will entice followers and push them to stay more engaged. Monitoring the response they get on their posts will also you. It will show what changes to make in your campaign. This will essentially make sure your campaign stays relevant and on track with your schedule.

#4 Stay Engaged/Updated

Track the likes, comments, and shares that the posts receive. Through this, you can see which other influencers may be interested in joining your team and widening your grip. This will also allow your team to grow and find more effective ways to expand the campaign for more reward. To grab more attention towards your brand, create profiles on diverse platforms. Follow other influencers/potential consumers, like/comment on posts, and share yours/influencer’s content. This will give your brand a hands-on experience with everyone and updated. This also gives your team the advantage of direct communication with potential consumers and influencers. Stay digital and connected for more opportunities. Understanding how people respond and what they want will further your campaign’s progress efficiently and effectively.

#5 Measure your Results

Running through your schedule effectively and efficiently is key in the industry. In a highly competitive system, it is important to stand out. Your influencers will pave the way. Make sure to measure your ROI (return of investments). You can also use KPIs (key performance indicators) through links. This will help you measure the exact outcome of each post and influencer. If certain factors aren’t showing the progress you want, you will want to catch it early on. This will help minimize the damages that could negatively affect your campaign. Keeping track of progress will help your campaign stay effective. Your campaign progress grows your experience. With your experience and pre-campaign research, you will better understand how to become the most efficient. In turn, helping your team minimize workloads.


These steps will help you stay focused on your campaign’s objective and progress. Tips to help your campaign run smoothly. Research thoroughly of the steps you are to take to personalize the campaign for your brand and make it stand out. Always plan ahead for the struggles you may encounter and stay alert. There will always be high competition in this field of work. There is no avoiding it. Be prepared for the workload and resources this campaign will drain. Most of all, stay positive and know your hard work will pay off.

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