Influencers are everywhere. You often see their prominence on social media platforms. There are three types of influencers: Mega, Macro/Middle-Tier, Micro. Before defining who is considered what kind of influencer, it’s important to understand what constitutes their influence. Three attributes build their influence: Relevance, Reach, and Resonance. Relevance is ensuring the creative content is relevant/important to the brand. Reach is about how far influencer messages can be extended. Resonance is based on how much of the influencer’s message has impacted individuals. In short, if your content reaches and impacts your following, you are an influencer.

Now, of course, to be a true influencer, you must have at least a couple thousand followers whose lives you impact.

3 Influencer Types You Should Know by Heart

Through further research, I have found that there are different titles given to the 3 tiers of influencers. There can be three sets of terms on how to call influencers.

Set 1: Macro, Middle-tier, Micro.

Set 2: Mega, Macro, Micro.

Set 3: Celebrity, Power Middle, Micro.

The most colloquial term that marketers do use is set #1. The sets are put in the order of which ones are used the most to least. But depending on the article’s approach, make sure you understand which set is being used for your better understanding.

All the influencers listed take on particular roles to help brands in selectively different ways. Micro or macro, these influencers make a huge difference in building the brand image.


Typically have less than 10K followers. Earns about 25-50% engagements per post. Cheaper than Macro/Middle-Tier influencers.The most authentic content creation. Direct influence and close engagement.  Arouse the most resonance with followers. The resonance brings loyalty. Most resonance resides with their content because it’s erected through real experiences. It is also more believable that they actually used/bought the products.

**Facts marketers should be aware of**

  • Limited visibility and reach.
  • Less brand control over content.
  • Micro-influencers are the freelancers of social media marketing.
  • All content they generate is created through their own image, may digress from focus.


Typical followers range reaches from 10K – 500K followers. Earn an engagement of 5-25% per post. High topical relevance per post. Each post specifies their expertise. (Fashion, lifestyle, food, or business). Cheaper than macro-influencers. Resonance is specified within their spectrum. Reach is about 10 times more than micro-influencers — more exposure of brand/content.

**Facts marketers should be aware of**

  • Capped by their spectrum/topic.
  • Less resonance than micro-influencers.
  • Most likely to become the “next big macro-influencer” — keep watch.
  • Standard period to figure out how much you want to invest in them.

Mega/Macro/Celebrity Influencers

Range from 500K – 1M+ followers. Engagement of 2-5% per post. Highest reach with followers. All content creations are driven by the brand’s intent. Basically, these influencers give the same influence as real celebrities. Macro-influencers are best for having the furthest reach due to their high relevance. ROI(return of investment) is easiest to determine. This is because

**Facts marketers should be aware of**

  • Lowest resonance with following compared to the other 2 tiers.
  • Great move for brand awareness, but less authentic than other influencers.
  • Most expensive to sponsor because it is more like a celebrity endorsement.

What Influencers Does Your Brand Need

Depending on what your brand’s marketing campaign needs to focus on, your influencer type will differ. Your campaign will focus on one out of three different objectives. Are you trying to increase brand awareness? Raise sales? Gain new target consumers? In the conditions of your brand’s objective, you must find the exact type of influencer/influencers you need.

Refer to our last post to see how to use influencer marketing effectively!

Find Success with Influencer Marketing

Influencers have the ability to change minds and behavior. The degree of relevance, engagement, trust, and impact influencers receive evokes how much brand advocacy your business can receive. Ensure that your brand finds the exact type of influence they need to become prosperous. Figure out whether you need to reach a larger audience, become more relevant, or resonate with more clients. Then choose your influencer types to recruit. Find the right influencers to raise your marketing campaign at its peak. Let’s get digital!