Facebook has 2.02 billion daily active users and over 2 billion monthly active users. That makes Facebook the most popular social media platform. How could you possibly not make use of advertising on Facebook! This is where your brand needs to be. Whether you monetize your social media posts, create profitable ads, or retarget store visitors, Facebook is one of the most profitable social networks for online businesses. Facebook’s targeting options are the most comprehensive allowing marketers to reach specific audiences to ensure they reach the right customer. Whether you are collecting leads or driving sales for your business, Facebook advertising is what you should be doing.

Facebook Advertising and Marketing Tips:

There’s been a growing trend of stores and personal brands creating video ads on social media especially Facebook and Instagram. The style of video ad that’s become increasingly popular among e-commerce owners are the Business Insider style videos.  They often get amazing engagement, they’re easy to follow, text is short and sweet and the videos typically last a minute and a half. Brands are using these types of videos to explain the benefits of their products, the problem their products solves, and why people should care, all while showing off their product’s features.

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One of the most beneficial things you can do is to include a “message us on Facebook” icon on all your product pages. This has two benefits. First, it allows customers to have their product questions answered in chat which is often preferred over email which often has a long response time. Second, it allows retailers to send messenger ads to those customers in the future. See our tools sections to know how to add a messenger icon on your store or you can simply contact us and we will help you!

You can also learn your customer demographics through Facebook. You’ll need to create a series of ads which use different sets of interests to determine who your audience is. Maybe the audience for your yoga pants aren’t people who meditate. Instead, you might discover that they’re interested in yoga or outdoor fitness. You won’t know which audience responds to your product the most until you test it. You’ll want to keep all the details the same such as location, age, gender, except for the interests. After you’ve narrowed down interests, you might narrow down location, age, gender or other key demographic details.

When targeting your audience, create an ad with World targeting but exclude Canada, USA, U.K. and Australia. You’ll likely find audiences with world targeting that you wouldn’t have marketed to otherwise. Most people market to the United States and neglect smaller markets. However, from personal experience, we’ve discovered highly profitable markets from countries we’ve never even heard of. You’ll also want to have separate ads created for USA and Canada, U.K. and Australia. This will help lower your ad costs. However, it’ll also prevent the World ad from biasing towards the biggest countries since they won’t be included, and let not forget this helps you keep everything more organized.

Start with interest ads, when you get enough data (100 users in a custom audience), test lookalike audience for visits, lookalike audience for add to cart, and eventually, lookalike audience for purchases.

Experiment with ads. Most people create a Facebook ad that fails and give up. The reality is even stores making 6 figures have ads that fail miserably. Sometimes, ads are created and work well at first but fail overtime. The first ad I ever created back in 2016 failed so miserably I was ashamed. My second ad I ever created ended up converting really well. But if I had given up like I wanted to, I never would’ve succeeded. Even when you’re successful, you’re going to have a few bad ads. Experimentation is everything when it comes to Facebook ads.

Direct your traffic to a product page. Your ad won’t be nearly as effective if you direct the traffic to your homepage. When creating an ad, you want to have a picture of a product and then direct to a landing page where to sell that exact product. Customers don’t want to browse your website to find the product in the ad. Keep it easy for them. You’re going to have to create ads for different products to find out what your bestsellers are in the beginning.

Your picture is everything. One of my best converting ads was for a car cleaning product. I had read that a red-orange color contrasts well against Facebook’s white and blue background. So I found an image of an angle of a red-orange sports car. It converted at 4 cents a click. And we know it was the image, because when we kept the copy but changed the image it didn’t convert nearly as well. You also want to limit the amount of text on the image. I usually opt for no text. Also, use lifestyle images. Having your product photo on a white background won’t convert nearly as well as a lifestyle image of someone using it.

Ignore the $5 ad rule. A lot of experts say to create $5 ads. You’d be lucky to get a sale from one $5 ad. Very few achieve anything more than that. If your product costs $24, create a $24 ad. Price match your ad to your product price. You’ll be more likely to get a sale from a higher ad budget while staying on the conservative side. It’ll give you a better chance of finding the right audience. Also, remember this: no million dollar brand spends $5 on ads. It’s okay to start small. But the reality is you’re going to have to spend money on ads to make sales.

Have a compelling offer. You might have ‘Buy two, get one free,’ ‘50% off’ or ‘only $19.99 + Free shipping’ offer that drives customers into purchase. If your customer is interested in the product, the offer can help encourage the click through. Offering something for free like shipping or a BOGO offer can help drive the sales. Avoid doing free plus shipping offers as Facebook has been known to crack down on those.

Focus on sales. A lot of new store owners will obsess over how many likes or shares their ad got. Vanity metrics don’t matter. Sales matter. As a store owner the goal is to increase sales not increase likes.

When it comes to scaling your ad, you’ll need to create a second ad. A lot of new entrepreneurs may increase the budget in a big way only to have fewer conversions. If you plan on increasing your budget, increase it by 10-15% at a time to ensure it stays optimized. If you go from a $5 ad budget to $500, you may break the ad. Instead, focus on creating a second ad with a similar demographic.

Retarget your audience. This can be a money-maker. But you need to have some stable traffic for it to work well. If you’re on a budget, you can drive traffic for free by marketing on social media, creating unique content and tagging influencers and more. The retargeting ad is typically cheaper and will usually perform well. You can also create ads catered to your store’s customers since they’re proven to convert. Avoid exhausting this audience with retargeting ads as they’re your most profitable audience.

Facebook Marketing Tools:


Likealyzer is a tool that tells you how well your facebook fan page is doing. Simply search for your fan page on the platform and you’ll learn where you can improve. The tool tells you how you can improve user engagement, which facebook features or tools you don’t use enough, what the overall impression a user may have when visiting your fan page and more


Canva is a tool where you can easily create graphics for social media. They have templates for Facebook posts, ads, and covers. The graphics will be in the exact dimensions that Facebook specifies. You’ll be able to choose from paid and free templates or you can design your own posts. This is a great tool to use if you don’t have access to Photoshop or have limited design skills.