Whether you’re looking to raise your brand
awareness, build professional relationships,
or drive leads on social, using LinkedIn
Sponsored Content is a must. LinkedIn
is the #1 B2B social media platform for
content distribution, making it invaluable
as a B2B ad platform.

The Quick Guide To Run Successful LinkedIn Ads

I have recently been speaking to a lot of business owners and let me tell you not many business owners know that LinkedIn was even a tool for helping them build their B2B customers. Or even knew that LinkedIn ads were a thing.

Everytime we travel to meet new clients we encountered many people who question LinkedIn Ads or perhaps that they didn’t event know LinkedIn Now ran ads! BREAKING NEWS! They do and it’s very beneficial to your B2B. This is why we decided to put together another of our content tables to help millennials business owner find the right topics in the right order to decoding LinkedIn Ads.

Here is a step by step on how to build your LinkedIn Ads. Like always all the terms are very easy to google! so take advantage google it and learn more about it or just click on the link and read on!

  1. Create A LinkedIn Company Page
  2. Get Familiar with LinkedIn
  3. Identify a Target Audience
  4. Build an Organic Following: Tips and Tricks
  5. Identify Content to Post
  6. Build an Effective Editorial Calendar
  7. Select Compelling Visual Assets
  8. Create an A/B Testing Strategy
  9. Implement Conversion Tracking
  10. Identify a Campaign Naming Structure
  11. Develop an Effective Targeting Strategy
  12. Establish a Bidding/Budgeting Strategy
  13. Create and Upload 3-4 Pieces of Content
  14. Monitor, Report, and Optimize Your Sponsored Content

Couldn't more simple!