Launching an effective marketing campaign can be simple. Learn the basics of running an effective campaign! From deciding the objective of your campaign to find the right influencer, you still have your work set. Influencer marketing is not just any strategic move, but also the hottest trending move. It is time to get digital, effective, and efficient! Just follow the 3 steps to create your effective influencer marketing campaign.

#1 Effectively Setting Marketing Objective

First and foremost, get your business objective secured.

  • What is the objective for getting an influencer marketer?
  • Does your brand need a new audience?
  • Brand awareness?
  • Do sales boost opportunity?

It will be simpler for recruiters to find the right influencer when your target is official.

Detect your suitable demographics! What age group(10-18, 19-25, 35-50 years old), female/male, and interest (fashion, cooking, networking) is relevant. Depending on the age group and interests, it will be easier to find the proper influencer type.

New Audience:

Obtaining a new audience base is often to get newer people interested in a brand’s products. Expand your consumer base to people who didn’t know/care for your products. For example. Let’s say your brand sells toys. Your immediate fan base is children and their parents. The consumers you are searching for could be other older figures who may desire to buy toys for children/grow a collection.

You are to seek middle-tier influencers for this job.

Middle-tier influencers have a fairly large following and interact often through daily posts. They are also able to have closer relationships with their following. Mid-tier influencers are the move as they are able to create a great amount of influence with their tight-knit fanbase. They will give a reason to have interest or desire to purchase. Allow influencers to light the path to your brand.

The goal is to find a newer group to find real interest in your product.

Brand Awareness:

Looking to spread the word to more people. People of all ages and interests are the target.

Let’s say your brand sells a lotion made from all natural ingredients. The existing consumers are people who have already shown interest in all natural ingredient products. The move here is to reach larger audiences who may or may not care whether your product contains “all natural ingredients” or not. The motive is to reach those who may be unaware of your brand’s existence.

You are to seek macro-influencers because you are looking to reach larger groups. Macro influencers have the largest following. Thus the greatest influence to more people.

The goal is to get your brand recognized by the majority.

Sales Boost:

Consumer trust is the best way to increase your sales. Word-of-mouth is ideal for building brand credibility. Factors that detect consumer purchase are dependable reviews and product likability. The more honorable your reviews are, the more people will value and stay loyal to your brand. Youtube video-makers who promote products earn trust by giving thorough and honest reviews. They clearly state why they did or did not like products. Through this method, they build credibility. Just like how brands will build their trust through credible reviews.

You are to use micro-influencers. Micro-influencers have a decent following. Instead of a larger fanbase, they have a very close relationship with their audience. Daily interactions through comments, direct messages, and reviews of influencer reviews. They have the actual ability to convince their followers to use products in result of their relations and reliability.

The goal is to boost your sales through direct influence to make sales happen.

Set up your marketing campaign once you have detected your objective.

Make sure it is specific and straightforward for your recruits to comprehend.

#2 Effective Usage of Influencer Marketing

After choosing the set objective, decide on what type of influencer your company necessitates. (Micro, Middle-tier, and Macro influencer) Each type of influencer reaches different spectrums of businesses. You can always use a variety of each type. Finding the right influencer will take some time and effort.

Check to see if your chosen influencer(s) have real followers and not robots. Examine how much positive feedback they receive on their content. Inspect how often they interact and how effective their influence is.

3 Factors Influencers Must Achieve When Joining the Team

  1. Influencer and brand must match or be able to suit each other’s core values
  2. Influencers must understand the objective to reach the right audience
  3. Influencers must create authentic content that suits factor 1 & 2

Ensure core values are met at all costs because wrong partnerships are likely to fail the brand. The influencers must stay highly engaged with their audience to notice which of their content approach makes optimal progress.

#3 Effective Performance Management

Tools to measure influencer performance exist. Use them! There are 4 goals indicating key performance. Allow optimal success through proper management and analysis.

4 Goals that Lead to Optimal Performance

  1. Make sure impressions are targeted towards the right audience. Impressionable content will reflect through the growth of potential buyers. There are websites that recognize which demographics are being targeted. (i.e the Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Adobe, and Piwik)
  2. Get content right’s. The influencer content is often incentivized by other brands, so having content rights will allow your brand to attain additional benefits.
  3. Measure the cost-per-engagement. This tactic goes beyond checking the number of clicks, likes, and comments each content gets. It mainly measures how many followers are likely to make purchases and/or which are likely to become loyal buyers.
  4. Give your influencers promo codes and/or affiliate links. This will keep track of exactly how much revenue is being brought in.

Use a Short-cut

Internet marketing firms can ease your management as they already have the tools you need. Most importantly, they have professionals who can easily keep track of your campaign’s progress. Firms can help your brand make proper relations and quickly cut out wasted marketing. Influencer marketing has become mainstream very quickly. Firms can help detect unnoticed variables and improve them. Become efficient and let firms help you get digital!