Brands and marketers have the tendency to associate Influencer Marketing most often with Instagram. Yes, it is the platform that is the most popularized. But, other platforms should not be ignored as they can only help you generate better ROI(Return of Investment). These platforms include sites like Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Snapchat. It is always better to get attention from multiple platforms rather than just focusing on one. There is all sort of trends out there that should also become a focus in your Influencers Campaigns.

Expand Your Platform Horizons

Like I listed above, there are various types of platforms that will broaden your marketing horizons. There are all sorts of websites that call forth large followings. Sites like Pinterest give inspiration to those who need help with DIYs to help improve lifestyle. Pinterest invokes minimalists, stay-at-home parents, college students, and many more! All the listed networks connect with one another to push their agendas to more people by working hand in hand. Your company should not miss out on various opportunities just by focusing only on Instagram. It is important to expand your connections through different platforms. There is surely a whole crowd that companies are disconnected from. Do not push the opportunities to boost brand awareness and other potential consumers.

Use Influencer Marketing Tools

Brands often run into overtime when finding and maintaining relationships with influencers. Businesses often underestimate the amount of time and effort it takes to build lasting relationships. Finding the right type of influencers for your company consumes a lot of time. This is frequently through heavy research on the number of followers, finding influencers who aren’t already taken, and making sure the found influencers are reliable/fit the right criteria for the job. The truth is a lot of time is wasted ensuring the probability of your campaign when your research has so many specifications that are uneconomical.

There are many tools that can bring your company to an advantage for securing these relationships. Efficiently find your influencers, keep close relations, and ensure your ROI. Utilize the tools out there and simplify your workload.

Efficiently Find Your Influencer

Marketers stress about finding the influencers who are right for their marketing campaigns. They often question which influencers can actually get their message across. Whether it may be for gaining more consumers, advertising the brand, or raising sales, the tools to ease these searches exist. Make use of the tools that will ease your days worth of work to just a few clicks in an hour. These tools can help limit your search and quickly find those who match your qualifications. These websites have databases filled with micro, middle-tier, and macro influencers. In addition, some have contact information, software to coordinate with influencers, and keyword targeters.

Top 3 Websites (that will help simplify your search):

Measure Your Marketing ROI

As social as millennials get on social media. It is often hard to track, which followers will become loyal consumers to your brand. Keeping track of how much impact your influencers have on the mass is methodically proficient. There are tools to help your business keep track and stay efficient with your campaign. There are multiples ways to keep track of KPIs (key performance indicators) for your influencers. Such as giving them their own discount code link. This move will allow your company to keep track of how many click and actual purchases were made through the impact of your influencer.

3 Other Tools to Keep Track of ROI

  • Calculate target audience growth: measure growth from pre-influencer campaign to now
  • Measure Influencer/Campaign engagement: detect how many followers are impacting sales growth and/or brand awareness
  • Analyze the origins of your sales: influencers, consumers from other campaigns

Run the Most Efficient Campaign

The most important factor for running marketing campaigns is to always be the most efficient. Efficiency is key because there are mobs of companies are always competing against you. Other brands may not have the same focus/plan as you, but there are likely to be VERY similar to yours. Your best bet is to be the most efficient so that you are the first to broadcast your marketing tactics out to the world. Be efficient, but also tactical by utilizing the tools around you. Do not limit your opportunities when there are limitless opportunities out there. Utilize the tools and expand your horizons throughout the several different types of platforms on the web. Get familiar. Get innovative. Dominate the marketing industry.